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Zalakaros - "Our secret is our water"

Zalakaros is surrounded by a picturesque landscape of rolling hills, with many good hiking trails through woodlands, and tempting vineyards. Away from the noise and bustle of the big city, it is a place of fresh air and flower-filled, beautifully-kept parks.

A heaven of peace, tranquillity, and beauty. Now and then we all long to escape to are fuge from the busy world where we can recover a sense of balance, and come away feeling restored and energised. Zalakaros is just such a place. A little town to refresh our spirits where we can re-discover inner harmony.

This is where you can come to relax and get away from it all - "to fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden world" Walk around a little, get to know the place, discover the beauty of our countryside. There are delightful walks in Zalakaros, by day or in the evening. This little town possesses one of the country's largest and most extensive bathing complexes.

The thermal water, the aqua park, and the various massages and treatments on offer here will help to soothe away your stress. The restorative, pain-reducing sulphurous medicinal water will do wonders for all your aches and pains.

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