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Spa Zalakaros

If the last time you were in Zalakaros happened to be 40 years ago, you're in for a surprise! Since then the baths have been extensively developed, and the former single medicinal pool has been turned into an intricate aqua network. While it is still true that you can sample the benefits of medicinal water in the open air, nowadays you can enjoy the pleasures of the baths all the year round, no matter what the weather is.


Visitors can enjoy a variety of experiences here; you can try the wave pool, slide down the flumes, whirl along the wild-water ride - ( look out for the water jets which snatch at your swimming costume as you pass them! ), but you can also let your grandchildren play in the children's pool in complete safety.


And don't forget that saunas, wellness services and massages are also available. If you suffer from rheumatism, or any other disease which affects your mobility, you will want to visit the medicinal bath, which is also good for post-operative rehabilitation. There are further medical treatments available.


Here in Zalakaros we've been proud of the curative and restorative waters of our baths for over 40 years. A medicinal baths with a garden, we have open-air and enclosed medicinal pools and a number of medicinal treatments, which are primarily intended for those who suffer from rheumatism or other diseases which affect mobility, and for those who need rehabilitation after an accident or operation.

Thermal pools and massages are available for weary customers. For those who need some pampering, we recommend our wellness services, with saunas and underwater massaging etc Wave-pool, flumes, wild-water currents.

Healing, relaxation, and a fun-filled experience - you'll find them all at Zalakaros baths!

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