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Massage-, wellness- and medical treatments

Our hotel’s masseurs are well-trained and experienced experts. Below you can inform about our massages and treatments.

Relaxation  massage  of a foot reflex zone

A  unique health assessment and a foot  reflexology massage allowing  you to totally relax. It stimulates the body’s healing mechanism. Relaxing, detoxifying and immune boosting  effects are noticeable immediately.

Price: /   Appr.30 minutes,/4500 Ft/Combination

Chinese massage

A combination of Shiatsu, Chinese and Thai massage techniques are used, but performed on a normal massage bed a sin a Swedish massage. The various types of massage techniques are adapted according to different body positions, perfectly  revitalizing in a zones of stress or in meridians.

Price:  /45 minutes/6000 Ft/

Spiritual massage

Unique relaxation Foot Reflex Zone massage  with a relaxing full body massage experience choreographed to music  and individually tailored to the guest , protecting perfectly relaxed state.

Price: /60 minutes/7500 Ft/

Guasha massage  with special combs

A medical herb oil is placed along the meridians  with a special ox horn  and repetitive movements  massage onto the skin surface. Detoxifying, that is  why it can result in a light discolorating of the skin, but it only one or two colorating. The treatment is  more pleasant than painful.

Price: /30 minutes/5000 Ft/

Guasha facial treatment

It is based on a beauty care recipe used by women in China. It acupressure a face with a bone comb,relaxing a nerves of the neck, perfectly improving  bloodcirculation and change of sking materials. It can result in a light discolorating of the skin, but it only lasts  one-two days. This treatment is unique all over  Hungary.

Price:  /50 minutes/7500 Ft/

Relaxation massage

 It perfectly releases  muscle tention and soothes nervous system, results the body’s rhythm to slow down.

Price: /40 minutes/4000 Ft/

Massage of aromatherapy

The volatile oils are used  penetrating through the skin  and with  bloodcirculation contacting the body, resulting  relaxing or stimulating effect, depending on oils.

Price: /40 minutes/4500 Ft/

Refreshing massage

It helps  to release  muscle tention  and  spasms. You can ask  separatly for feet, hands and back.

Price: /20 minutes/2000 Ft/

Russian-tibetan honey massage

Warm honey and mineral substances  release the  places of sticking, detoxicating tissues under the skin, making  the surface of the skin soft, smooth  and healthy. The slapping technique of the massage helps for it.

Price:  /30minutes/4000 Ft/

Medicinal massage

It is strong, activating medical all body’s massage, turning special  treatment of  parts of problem.

Price: /40 minutes/4000 Ft/

Salt massage

Detoxifying salt massage is a mixture of  salt and olive oil. Due to a mechanical effect  bringing peeling, refreshing effect for a skin and with mineral substances of the salt  herbs and volatile oil reduce stress.

Price: /30 minutes/4000 Ft/

A face and a neck decolletage massage

During this treatment  the facial and the neck decolletage muscles are softly  rearanging.

Price:  /20 minutes/2000 Ft/

Chinese head massage

Acupressuering facial and the neck decolletage massage.

Price: /20 minutes/2500 Ft/

Sport massage

As a Swedish massage it is recommended for the sportsmen  and for those who produce intensive muscles work. It is dynamics massage therapy for low muscles too.

Price: /30 minutes/3000 Ft/

Relaxing massage of lymphocytes

With a soft, smoothing movements clears lymphocytes a treating part of a body. This therapy improves a resistant of lymphocytes, stops a distrurbing of a metabolism, resulting  a calm nervous system, Recommended specially for a swollen, oedema areas.

Price: /40 minutes/4000 Ft/

Thai massage

It consists partly of pressing and kneading and partly of scretching, pulling and twisting and is performed on a ground , a masseur  uses not only his palms and finger tips, burt feet end elbows. It not only activates muscles, but  energy too with rhytmical  acupressuring all over the body along every lines.

Price: /60 min./7500 Ft/


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